1.Arrival to Camp

I advise you to get to camp early. As the good part or utilities such as rooms, beds, kits will be given to people who get there early.

2.Luggage and Items

The moment you arrive the camp, your luggage will be ransacked by soldiers to make sure you don’t enter the camp with forbidden items. So when packing your bag know how to arrange them.


Respect the soldiers and officials else camp will be a living hell experience for you. Just do what the ask you to do.

4.Hostel Rooms and Bunkers

Do and at all cost avoid the bunks or bed space near the doors especially the toilet as you would be inhaling some dangerous odors for 3 whole weeks. Also the bunks or bed spaces close to the entrance door are not so cool as your belongings are prone to their happy thieves. Also when the soldiers and officials come in to chase people out you are their first targets and victim. So be wise.

For everything in camp you must queue so queuing up should become a part of you. At camp Queue is the main thing. You queue up to bath, to fetch water, to eat, you queue up for almost everything!

6.NYSC Kits

Your kits given to you might not be your size. so its either you swap with someone (with begging of course) or you slim-fit the wears but the boots are always bigger than your given size so i advice you get to camp early enough so as to get a small size as most times the small sizes are given to people who come early.

7.NYSC Khaki
Don’t over-slim fit your khaki because when you wash it , it shrinks!

8.The Toilets & Bathrooms

Most camps if not all do not good have toilets and bathrooms, so ready to improvise. Some people have to bath outside, some in the bush. Just do not expect to see a good one.


Always be security conscious right from the first day you enter the camp till the day you step out of camp. Just try as much as possible to have a kind of safe lock for your bags (buy padlock). Most importantly you don’t have to show off or flaunt what you have then you are calling the petty thieves to come collect what they want.

10.Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS)

Try and join OBS . You can sometimes escape some boring activities especially those hot afternoon parade practice. As an OBS member you might get the privilege of being posted to very good PPAs in town.


Lectures might be long and boring but if you have friends you can talk to or gist with to let time fly. And the truth is that it is not everyone that would hear what is being said.