Preparing for NYSC Orientation Camp? Below is a comprehensive list of essential things you need to take to camp.



1.CALL UP LETTER: This is a vital part of camp registration and the only evidence that you are a prospective corps member (Otondo) and you are not impersonating anyone. This will be taken from and not returned to you. So if at all you even forget you luggages never forget this.


2.Registration Documents: If you’re a foreign graduate, take along the original credentials you uploaded (to the NYSC Portal) for physical verification / evaluation.

9.CERTIFICATES/LICENSES: For Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists, take along your proof of certification. Graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy are expected to have their Certificates of Registration with Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively.

3.GREEN CARD: It contains your bio-data. Print and bring along your signed copy.

4.Final Year Student IDENTITY CARD

5.Notification/STATEMENT OF RESULT from School

6.PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS: Now make about 10 copies of every document required. There would be photocopiers in camp at mammy market but trust me, it is double the price and it saves time.

7.PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS: This is very important. Take as many as you can, about 10 in off-white background and 10 in red backgrounds. You would need them for different kinds of registration. E.g. skill acquisition groups, religious groups, sports, redeployment, bank account opening e.t.c

8.My CLEAR BAG: You’ll need to put the aforementioned in a portable envelope/bag that can withstand some amount of wear/tear.

Tip: The forms that will be handed to you are very easy to fill. Attach your passport where necessary and fill them correctly. After your registration, you will be issued with your State Code Number. This will be like your PIN throughout your Service Year.



1.Round-Necked White T-Shirts (3-6 pairs): This is an essential outfit in camp in fact in most camps this is the only allowed cloth to be worn throughout your 3 weeks even to church, you might not be allowed to wear coloured cloths. You would be given 2 pairs of white t-shirts at camp to just fulfil all righteousness which surely would never be your size especially our very slim and small otondo in size. And you probably won’t have time to wash during the week after being stressed out from the parades and Man-O-War drills.

2.White Shorts (2-4 pairs): I beg you please do bring yours. You would also be given 2 pairs of shorts which are really poor in material. They tear easily and it can be annoying. So my dear Otondos bring like 4 pairs of shorts. Trust me also you won’t like to wash every day, so bring enough to last you like 3 days so that you won’t be stranded.

3.Plain White Sneakers/Tennis Shoes (2 pairs): This is a very important outfit, you would also be given a pair of low quality white tennis shoes customized for NYSC. Now if you happen to camp during the rainy season, get white rubber sneakers/boots especially if you’re posted to the Southern part of the country. The parade fields/mammy market will be messed up after the rains. You will get this in camp.

4.White Socks (3-6 pairs): Just get extra pairs.

5.Coloured Wear (2 pairs)

Tip: Do not carry more than 2 pairs of colored clothes because you won’t need them.

6.Under wears






4.Permanent Marker


Tips: Yeah this saves time and lots of unnecessary begging. Some camps do seize staplers at the gate during check-in. But do not forget to include pins in your stapler if you still decide to take it along




Antiseptic/Disinfectants (Dettol)

Soap, sponge/sponge case

Bed sheet, blankets, pillow and pillow case


Body Cream

Bucket and Bowl


Cardigan (Plain white)


Cloth hangers (2-4 pieces)

Culeries (Plate bowl and cup)





Mosquito net



Polish and Brush

Power bank


A pair of slippers



Toilet paper

Tooth brush and paste

Rechargeable lamp/Torch light


Waist pouch



Basic drugs ( panadol, paracetamol, medicine or your allergies, menstrual pain relief drug, nausea relief drugs)

Novel, Game, MP3 etc

Extra phone batter(ies) and extra Network SIMs

ATM Card

CASH (just have enough cash and avoid unnecessary spending)


That’s all you need to take to NYSC camp!. Click the share buttons below and share this with your friends.

Wishing you all a successful service year!